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About Kuakata Sea Beach

kuakata patuakhaly

Kuakata Sea Beach, Bangladesh

The name Kuakata originated from the word Kua English word “Well” dug on the sea shore by the early Rakhine settlers in quest of collecting drinking water, who landed on Kuakata coast after getting expelled from the Arakan (Myanmar) by Moughals. Afterwards, it has become a tradition of digging Kua-Well in the neighborhood of Rakhaine tribes for water. Locally known as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of the Sea) is a rare scenic beauty spot on the southernmost [More…]

Some Beautiful Tourist Spots at Kuakata

Sunrise and Sunset at Kuakata

kuakata sunset

Kuakata is one of the rarest places to see the full view of both sunrise and sunset from the same place or same position. For that reason it makes Kuakata one of the world’s unique beaches. Kuakata has a wide sandy beach. The Kuakata beach is about 30 kilometer long and 6 kilometer wide sandy beach. Kuakata is the only beach in the world where travelers can enjoy sunrise and sunset view from the same beach. To enjoy the sunrise from the Kuakata beach one [More…]

Kuakata Fatrar Chor

fatrar chor

Fatra’s chor is the nice tourist place near Kuakata beach. From Kuakata traveler may visit the Fatrar Chor. Fatrar Chor is the part of the Sundarban forest. Fatrar Chor is also known as Fatrar Bon. As the Fatrar Chor is the part of Sundarban so it is mangrove forest. Fatrar Bon is fairly big forest in Kuakata. There are many Timber trees available here. The tree of this forest in very hard and strong. And the wood of this trees are very long lasting and also costly. A [More…]

Gangamati Reserved Forest

Gangamoti Reserved Forest

Gangamati Reserved Forest is an evergreen mangrove forest in the Kuakata Patuakhali Bangladesh. It is located on the eastern end of the beach of Kuakata. Distance from Gangamati Reserved Forest to Sundarban is one hour by speedboat. The best way to reach the Gangamati Reserved Forest is by foot or bike along the beach. Many of flag flying on the fishing boats can be seen at the coast when someone will walk beside the beach. The most attractive [More…]

Jhau bon at Kuakata

jhau forest kuakata

Jhaubon is very beautiful place at Kuakata. Jhau bon is close to the sea beach. Jhau forest is created by Government initiative. Tourist or traveler can visit there by walking. Jhau bon is surrounded by many Jhau trees and coconut trees. This place is better to see the sun rise scenery at Kuakata. There is a nice Eco park at Jhaubon area of Kuakata. This Ecopark will be the excellent place for picnic or junket. Gangamati Reserved Forest is located to the east of Jhau [More…]

Keranipara Seema Mandir


Kuakata Sea Beach is located at southwest side of Bangladesh. Kuakata is the second most famous beaches in Bangladesh. Travelers will find the unique manners and traditions of the Rakhain community at Kuakata. Rakhain peoples are very friendly to the tourists and visitors. There are some Buddhist temples located at Keranipara, Misripara and Amkholapara in Kuakata. All these temples indicate the ancient tradition and cultural heritage of Rakhain people. Many [More…]

Misripara Buddhist Temple

Biggest Buddhist Statue

Kuakata Buddhist Temple is situated only four (4) kilometer away from Kuakata beach. Traveler may visit there by any vehicles. Kuakata Buddhist Statue is the biggest Buddhist Statue in South Asia. If a traveler visits Buddhist Temple he will see the statue of Goutom Buddha and also he will see the 200 years old wells. Traveler will find the about hundred year’s old ancient tradition and cultural heritage of traditional Rakhyne tribal families and Buddhist Temple. [More…]

Kuakata Eco Park

tree at kuakata eco park

Kuakata Ecological Park or Kuakata Eco Park is located about 2.5 kilometer east of the zero point of Kuakata. The area of the Eco Park is about 13,984 hectors. Coastal Forest Department in Patuakhali has constructed the Eco Park. The Eco Park is situated on the areas of Gangamati, Latachaplee, Khajura, Fatrar chor and Tengragiri in Kuakata sea beach. The Eco Park is surrounded by mangrove and non-mangrove forest. There are many types of trees and [More…]

Kuakata Shutki Polli

dry the fish at shutki polli

Shutki polli is another place at Kuakata where tourist can visit. It is located 4 kilometer west from Kuakata beach. On the way of Lebur bon/Lebur chor one can visit shutki polli. From that place one can get the experience of how to make dry fish (shutki). He will see the full process of making dry fish. Fisherman catches many types of fish from the sea. They sell some fresh fish and rest of the fish is use to make dry. There are varieties of fish process here. From shutki [More…]

Lebur Chor, Kuakata

lebur bon

Lebur chor is located at five (5) kilometer east of Kuakata beach. Lebur (Lemon) chor is locally also known as Lembur chor or ‘Nembur chor’. Surrounded area of this chor is about 1000 acres. There are many types of trees and plants in this chor like Keura, Geowa, Goran, Koroi, Golpata etc. Lebur chor is the part of Sundarban but now it is detached from Sundarban. It is situated in the east corner of Kuakata.

Narikel Bagan, Kuakata

coconut garden

Narikel Bagan (Coconut Garden) is the nice place to visit for Kuakata travelers. It is situated at the eastern side of the sea beach. It is not very far distance from Kuakata beach. So traveler can reach there easily by walking. According to the local people these coconut garden is more than 40 years old. There are lots of coconut trees in that area. Narikel bagan was formed with large area in the side of the sea [More…]

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