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Kuakata Sea Beach is located at southwest side of Bangladesh. Kuakata is the second most famous beaches in Bangladesh. Travelers will find the unique manners and traditions of the Rakhain community at Kuakata. Rakhain peoples are very friendly to the tourists and visitors.

There are some Buddhist temples located at Keranipara, Misripara and Amkholapara in Kuakata. All these temples indicate the ancient tradition and cultural heritage of Rakhain people.Many people visit Kuakata to find the interest in those places.


Buddha Statue at Keranipara

Keranipara is nearest Rakhine village from the Kuakata beach. Travelers may visit the 100 years old Buddhist temple at keranipara named as Seema Mandir. Seema Mandir is made by eight different metals. Traveler should to put off their shoes before entire the temple. Everyday many tourists come to visit the temple to have a look at the statue of Buddha. Kuakata is now a holy destination to the devotees. Many devotees arrive here during the festivals of Rash Purnima and Maghi Purnima. On these two occasions devotees take holy bath at the bay and join in the traditional fairs. Tourists also enjoy the traditional fairs at Keranipara.

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