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By Launch:

From Sadarghat 2 or 3 vehicles launches to Patuakhali.
Starting Time: 5:30, 6:30 and 7 pm
Arrival time in Patuakhali Launch Ghat: 6 am next morning
Vehicle Name: Sunderbaban, Saikat, Sattar Khan, Achol
Rent : Cabin (single) Tk. 350, (double) Tk. 600, (family) Tk.700 (VIP-AC) 1500
Deck Tk. 150

When you arrive Patuakhali, you can have your breakfast in any hotel nearby and go to the bus dipo by rikshaw. Local bus there will take Tk. 60 and direct bus will take Tk. 80 to take you to kuakata beach by 5 and 3.5 hours.

By Direct Launch:

You can also take a direct river boat from Dhaka sadarghat terminal to Patuakhali. This journey will cost you about the same as Barisal and these boats leaves little early around 4 to 7 PM. River boats are much nicer in Barisal route. Another issue is the time regarding taking this route. You will reach Pautakhali around 7 to 8 AM. From here you board a local rickety bus to Kuakata, about three hours. Distance between Pautakhali and Kuakata is about 70 km.

By Bus:

A direct BRTC bus service is also available from Dhaka to Kuakata that leaves from Sayedabad Bus terminal at night takes 12 hours to reach Kuakata. These buses are clean and comfortable.

Direct bus route from Dhaka to Kuakata. “Sakura” costs around 450 Taka (US $6.00). It leaves every night at 10:30 from the Gabtoli Bus terminal near Technical Mor.

Barisal to Kuakata:
If you want to go Kuakata from Barisal, at first you have to go Patuakhali. So you can choose Barisal “Rupatoli bus stand” or “Natullabad bus stand”. There are available Patuakhali or Khepupara bus services. You can choose any suitable bus from there. From Patuakhali you can go kuakata by any local service.

* Price may vary depending on different factors.

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