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Biggest Buddhist Statue

Buddhist Statue at Kuakata

Kuakata Buddhist Temple is situated only four (4) kilometer away from Kuakata beach. Traveler may visit there by any vehicles. Kuakata Buddhist Statue is the biggest Buddhist Statue in South Asia.

If a traveler visits Buddhist Temple he will see the statue of Goutom Buddha and also he will see the 200 years old wells. Traveler will find the about hundred year’s old ancient tradition and cultural heritage of traditional Rakhyne tribal families and Buddhist Temple.

Near the temple traveler can also visit Misripara, Keranipara and Amkholapara. At that places traveler will enjoy the traditional Rakhain community. Visitors can buy many types of handicraft which is made by local Rakhain people. Traveler may visit the Rakhain locality and they can observe the life style of tribal Rakhain people. Rakhain peoples are very friendly to the tourist and visitors.

Kuakata Buddhist Temple

Kuakata Buddhist Temple

Buddha Murti

Buddha Murti at Kuakata

Kuakata is the place of pilgrimage of Buddhists and Hindus community. Many Buddhist followers come here during the festival of Rash Purnima and Maghi Purnima. On these two times they take holy bath at Kuakata and participate in the traditional fairs. Many tourists enjoy the traditional fairs Rash Mela. These types of events and festival make the beach more attractive to the visitors. Many people visit Kuakata to find interest in the Buddhist temple.

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